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My name is India. Born & raised in San Francisco. Spent four years living in Vermont. Now living in Brooklyn. I make art.

I founded this arts org in Brooklyn. I curate shows and make cool stuff happen.

I also write this beer blog.
And I run this blog about restaurant bathrooms.


My weekend, in a couple of photos. Spent the beginning of Saturday at Martin Parr’s Beach Party at Aperture with free dark and stormys and amazing art. I love his photos. Martin Parr was even there taking peoples’ portraits (granted, it costed $400, but fwarg and I briefly considered it…).

After eating a disgusting amount of ramen and wandering the East Village, we ended up at The Gutter in Williamsburg, where I had three drinks and two beers and still won the game. 

In more exciting news, fwarg is moving ten minutes walking distance away from me. Get ready…

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    accidentally found a delightful/dream apartment 10 minutes away from one of my closest friends.
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