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My name is India. Born & raised in San Francisco. Spent four years living in Vermont. Now living in Brooklyn. I make art.

I founded this arts org in Brooklyn. I curate shows and make cool stuff happen.

I also write this beer blog.
And I run this blog about restaurant bathrooms.


Went to the Museum Mile Festival last night. It was crowded but a really good time!The rain held off. I got to go to the Neue Galerie for free, one of my favorite museums. They have beautiful pieces up right now and a great Koloman Moser exhibit. Despite the crowds, the museum felt pretty empty.

Afterwards, Mike treated me to a beer in the museums’ Viennese cafe. I miss the cafes in Vienna so much, so it was nice to kind of feel like I was back for a second. Yummy beer. Pretty cafe.

Best part of the night was seeing Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer in person. Sat in front of it for like a good fifteen minutes. After slaving away describing it and analyzing it for my thesis, it’s always awesome to just sit back and look at it and be like “Yeah it’s just an amazing painting.” (…with emotional, psychological and theoretical tendencies and meanings…read my thesis…kbye)

Art rules. Neue Galerie, hire me please.

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